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Get Pre-Qualified!

Complete a Pre-Qualification form. A loan officer will communicate the maximum loan amount for which you may qualify, based on the information you supply about income, assets and credit standing. This short form is not a full loan application, and therefore does not represent a loan commitment or Pre-Approval to you.

Get Pre-Approved!

Complete a Pre-Approval Application. A Pre-Approval allows you to shop for your new home with confidence, knowing that your mortgage loan has been Pre-Approved. The Pre-Approval Application asks all of the questions needed to be approved for your mortgage loan, even though you have not found your new home yet. Be prepared for questions on employment, income, assets/savings and monthly debts/liabilities. Pre-Approvals are valid for 120 days and can easily be extended. Pre-Approvals are frequently requested by Brokers and Sellers as proof that you are a qualified buyer.

Apply Now!

After you find the right house or property, it's time to secure financing. Use the Full Application when you're ready to apply for loan approval. You can save an incomplete application and finish it later.